timing and everythin

Timing Is Everything

Chris De Burgh

  • Release 2002
  • Genre Rock

“It’s all about being in the right place at the right time.”Chris de Burgh has consistently succeeded in appearing there, on cue, during his accomplished career.While identifying his latest album title by such a familiar phrase, he has also delivered a forcible musical snapshot of exactly where he is – right now.’Timing Is Everything’ is very much a current statement of Chris’s craft, easily placing all of the several trademarks he has made his own – vivid story-telling, powerful anthems and heartfelt ballads – against an undeniably contemporary backdrop.

“This is a modern-sounding record, within the parameter of me as a songwriter, because I write in the classic vein. I’m writing in that old-fashioned way, but I think we’ve brought a very new and dynamic sound to it.”

Musically and lyrically, his 16th studio album has moved with the times, but on his terms; as always, Chris is content to pursue his own, personal and unique path. It has proven to be the successful route to longevity which, across three decades, has won him a devoted, worldwide following.

All eleven new songs presented on the album are instantly in tune with this international acclaim, reputation and credibility. Each has been written and recorded with uncommon ease and speed, factors which infected both the vocal performance and the overall mood of the album.

“I found that writing the songs was not a grind and a chore; they came out very easily. I felt so good about this album that I actually recorded four or five full, finished, vocals in an afternoon. That’s unheard of for me! Another day I recorded vocals for four other songs; I just thought ‘Well, I’m in the voice for it – why don’t I just do them?’ It was like I was saying ‘There’s no big deal about this…’

“The speed with which we recorded reflected the fun we were having. That was a big part of it all. When making records previously, there had always been that slightly freaky thing of saying to myself ‘Today I’m doing a lead vocal’. In the past, I have been aware of the need to get my singing, my vocal performance, absolutely right in the studio – because what is recorded there stays with you forever. It’s like taking a penalty in an important football match; you’ve got to get it right.”

Chris is equally up-beat and focused about his prime motivation for making another record, and what he wants it to express. “I’m having fun. I’m enjoying life. This new album reflects that, and it’s vibrant. I want to be a little bit cheeky with this record. I want to have fun. I’ve little doubt that song titles like ‘Guilty Secret’ and ‘If Beds Could Talk’ show that.”

‘Guilty Secret’ unanimously emerged as the obvious lead single from the project. “It sounded so dynamic and strong and energetic and bouncy and memorable that it wasn’t just my choice; everybody that heard it said ‘This is going to make a great single.’ Also, and in common with much of the material on the album, it was written with live performance in mind. It’s going to be a terrific song to play on stage.”

Always a major draw at concert halls throughout the world, Chris will soon get the opportunity to put that theory to the test; commencing in September, he embarks on the first leg of a World Tour, moving initially through Europe before reaching the UK during November (itinerary overleaf). The tour will continue in the rest of the world during 2003.